Batman and Harley Quinn Review

For one night only, the World’s Greatest Florist Detective latest animation was shown in cinemas around the world. Here’s my review of Batman and Harley Quinn.

Batman and Harley Quinn

Back in October, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders was shown in UK cinemas for one night only before its home video release. Adam West and Burt Ward returning to their most famous roles made for a very fun outing, one that truly captured the spirit of the original 1960s TV series. Unfortunately the controversial Batman: The killing Joke didn’t get a wide cinematic release over here, but now, DC has released Batman and Harley Quinn. 

The Harley Quinn character was created specifically for Batman: The Animated Series, and this sort of works as a continuation/spin-off of that show, although with some upgraded animation for the big screen. Kevin Conry is back as the voice of Batman alongside Loren Lester as Nightwing, joined by Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch as Harley Quinn, Paget Brewster (Frankie in season 6 of Community) as Poison Ivy, and voice artist royalty Kevin Michael Richardson as Floronic Man.


Poison Ivy and Floronic man have kidnapped a scientist, with the intention of releasing a virus that will stop mankind from destroying the environment by turning them into plant people. While Batman and Nightwing are searching for clues, they realise that they need Poison Ivy’s best friend to help track them down: a certain Harley Quinn. Harley is trying to go straight, but the employment opportunities of an ex-con have left her working at Superbabes, a restaurant with waitresses scantily clad as superheroes. She eventually decides to join Nightwing and Batman, but can they trust her? And can they stop two super villains who are trying to save the world themselves?

Batman and Harley Quinn is a cracking way to spend 75 minutes. There was always more depth to The Animated Series than just a children’s cartoon, and that is amplified here. It is rated 12A, and with good reason. There’s bad and suggestive language, and skimpy outfits, but there’s hint of romance which is handled way better than The Killing Joke. Harley Quinn is strong and defiant, crazy but entertaining, and she has most of the best lines. There is comedy in the rest of the script as well, and although the bad guys are on the outlandish side, their motives are believable.

All in all, a nice addition to the DC Universe’s animated movies. Pick it up on DVD or COD if you can.


Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.


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