Mayweather v McGregor Preview & Predictions

It’s the biggest fight in boxing and MMA history. But what can you expect? Check out our “expert” “analysis” here as we break down Mayweather v McGregor.

Mayweather v McGregor Poster

It’s been called the biggest fight in history. It’s also been called a circus. But what will be the deciding factor when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor step into the boxing ring.? Mayweather is an 11 time, 5 weight champion who is 49-0. McGregor is a decorated UFC fighter who became the first to hold 2 weight division titles at the same time, and is the current UFC Lightweight Champion. You’ve heard from many experts, now let’s hear from the best as Bubblegummers James, Johnny, Soham, and Glen give their thoughts!

Quick one to start off. Have you ever seen Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor fight live and in the flesh?

Soham: No

Glen: Unfortunately not. 

Jonny: No

James: Why, actually yes! I don’t like to mention it, but I went to Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando, Florida, and Floyd Mayweather had his one and only wrestling match against The Big Show. Mayweather won following some chair shots and a right hand with some brass knuckles. And if you think that’s weird, if I had gone the year before I would have seen Donald Trump get stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Ok, that was just a bit of fun. Onto the serious stuff – it was announced this week that the fight will be for the WBC Money Belt. So, which is better, the WBC Money Belt or The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Belt?

WBC Money Belt Million Dollar Belt

James: Well one is a made up title, created to cash in on an entertainment event… and the other is the Million Dollar Belt. DiBiase’s all the way.

Johnny: The Million Dollar Belt. The other one looks like a cheap one you get from Highspots

Soham: Going to have to go with the Million Dollar Belt.

Glen: I’d go for the WBC Money Belt. But only if I can have DiBaise’s suit as well.

Honestly, now we are on to the serious stuff. How do you think the build up has affected each fighter? And has it changed your opinion at all?

Mayweather McGregor

James: I’m surprised at how much McGregor has seemingly got to Mayweather in these events. Boxing (and British boxing in particular) has had more than its fair share of stage managed animosity recently – trash talk from the likes of Tony Bellew rubbishing their opponent in a transparent attempt to sell more tickets. And a lot of this has come from the success Conor McGregor has enjoyed, raising his profile as much with his mouth as his brutal right strikes. Yet Mayweather seemed ill-prepared, coming off second best in these verbal jousts, while Conor has looked supremely comfortable as a showman. I don’t think it will affect Mayweather in the fight, but I think it will make McGregor feel more comfortable. He has nothing to lose in this fight, and seems relaxed and calm, no matter what happens. In fact, the boxer McGregor has reminded me of during this build up is Tyson Fury, just before his fight with Wladimir Klitschko. 

Soham: To quote Dana White, “Conor is the greatest trash talker since Ali.” Right from the early days in his UFC career, Conor was known to run his mouth. I still believe that is what got him the win over Jose Aldo at UFC 194. Conor clearly got the better of Floyd at the press conferences. However, I dont think it necessarily affects Floyd. He is been in multiple big fights and knows the pressures that come with it.

Glen: Rarely has a fighter been able to self-promote himself as well as Conor. There have been great fighters that never quite became household names because they just didn’t have the personality to stand out much. Not Conor. He has won every round of trash talking with ease and has the vast majority of people on his side. He looks extremely relaxed and confident with a hint of madness in his eyes. This isn’t Floyd’s first rodeo but I genuinely feel he is underestimating what Conor will bring in this fight.

What is each fighter’s biggest advantage over the other?

McGregor belts

James: Mayweather’s hand speed might have slowed as he moved up the weight divisions but he is a defensive master. That Pretty Boy nickname is well earned, he just doesn’t get hit. For McGregor, it’s his punching power. He has had some brutal knockouts in UFC, and with lighter gloves, it plays to his advantage. 

Johnny: Connor McGregor has youth and Mayweather has experience… and the fact that he’s probably the best boxer ever.

Soham: Conor has the left hand, youth and the bigger frame while Mayweather has experience and defence (also better teeth).

Glen: Say what you want about the man but Floyd will most likely go down as the greatest defensive boxers of all time. His intelligence in the ring is unmatched. However he does not have a chin like Nate Diaz. My head tells me there’s a 99% chance that Floyd should have no problem dealing with Conor but it’s that little 1% in my heart that sees McGregor, the larger man, landing that left-hand bomb on Mayweather’s chin, stunning the world.

What do you think will be the deciding factor in the fight?

Mayweather belts

James: It has got to be Mayweather’s experience. He has every trick in the book, and I see him tying up and frustrating McGregor when they are in close, and just being too slippery at range. McGregor’s trainer posting pictures on Instagram doesn’t persuade me he has picked up enough boxing know-how to compete.

Johnny: It’s all about money and it will be the most boring fight ever which Mayweather will easily win. Conor is good but not in the same league as Floyd even with his age.

Soham; Conor will have a few tricks up his sleeve. He can’t afford to miss with any of these. Every trick must count. If that left hand lands a few times on Floyd it may bring him down.

Glen: If Floyd stays focused he should easily win, but if Conor has indeed gotten into his head, even with inferior boxing skills and utilizing every trick possible it won’t take many clean blows from Conor to down Mayweather. It’s just actually landing them that’s the challenge.

So, the big one… who do you think will win?

James – I’ve seen a lot of surprises in boxing over the years. Antonio Tarver beating Roy Jones Jr in their rematch. Lennox Lewis almost ruining his legacy by getting sloppy against Hasim Rahman. Wladimir Klitschko v Tyson Fury. And that’s without going into the historic upsets boxing has thrown up. You can never say never. But for all the talk of what happens if McGregor can catch Mayweather clean… no-one has. Ever. I thought Arturo Gatti was too big for Maywather when he stepped up to Light Welterweight (140lbs) in 2005. It lasted 5 rounds. Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, Saul Alverez, Artur Berto have all been much stronger men than Mayweather – and they all lost. I have to choose… Mayweather by late TKO, when McGregor’s lack of head movement catches up with him.

Johnny: Floyd will win hands down a very boring fight.

Soham : Floyd by hugging. I don’t think Floyd has the punching power to knock McGregor out. If Conor can’t land a punch, I can see this fight going the distance with McGregor winning by points.

Glen: Floyd by Decision. I just don’t see Conor landing many clean damaging shots. But my god I hope Conor puts his whole fist through Mayweather’s face. One can dream.

And, what’s next for each fighter?

James: If I’m right, Mayweather goes back to running night clubs and promoting, maybe moving into MMA as well as boxing. I can see him getting bored and coming bacout of retirement again in a few years. McGregor will either retire and live out his days enjoying his riches, or defend his UFC Lightweight title. Or he might decide he wants to be Welterweight champion, or Middleweight champion, or Light-Heavyweight champion. All of them are more realistic than him beating Mayweather. If he does beat Mayweather – well, who knows? GSP? Andre Ward? The winner of Alvarez v GGG? Anthony Joshua? Roman Reigns? Politics?

Johnny: Floyd will find some other jaybrone to fight and it’s back to the UFC for Conor.

Soham: Mayweather will not have to work another day with a reported payout of over $350 million. I think he will go back to opening a few more strip clubs and promoting other boxing events. As for Conor, he has a few options. He can defend his UFC lightweight belt against Khabib in Russia or fight Nate Diaz at 155lbs or even retire and not need to worry about anything else.

Glen: I personally think it’ll be the last time either men fight in a ring. Floyd will retire and I think Conor has long been thinking about a career outside of fighting. It should be pretty easy for him to transition into TV or Film, such is his charm and charmisa. Either way both men will sleep well on beds made of gold.

Thanks for joining us for our preview of Mayweather v McGregor. It’s going to be… something. That’s for sure.

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.


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