Film of the Day: Thursday 4th January

Nothing on Netflix? Amazon not looking so prime right now? Searching for something to watch on TV today? Well, look no further…

The Descent (Neil Marshall, 2005)
The Horror Channel, 16:00
BBFC Rating: 18


You might have to go searching into the high numbers of Freeview to find this channel, but The Descent is one of the best British horror films of this century. Neil Marshall also made Dog Soldiers and has gone on to direct some of the very best episodes of Game of Thrones, but here he produces a claustrophobic masterpiece. A group of friends go exploring a series of caves and… well things go wrong. A great piece of horror cinema with a truly remarkable ending.

I just hope the version shown isn’t censored or edited for TV – there was a different cut for the American market that really undermined a lot of the tension of the film.

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

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